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Choice provides a maximum of three rounds of proofing at no additional cost.
Soft Proofs-
Electronic proofs in jpg or pdf format. These proofs are ideal for clients, who are on a tight schedule and want to minimize proofing times. Proofs are usually ready for customers to review within one or two days after receipt of print-ready files. Because electronics files are viewed in RGB format, soft proofs are not a reliable method of checking against color although they can be checked for content.
Digital Proofs-
Our default proofing method. Proofs are generated from our digital proof machines. Digital proofs do not use the same type of paper or press as the final product but are by far the most popular method of proofing because of its affordability, value, and high degree of color accuracy.
Traditional Proofs-
These are proofs printed on the same paper as the final book but not on the same machine. Because they do not use the same type of plates as the final book and are generated from a different proofer press, color accuracy is not 100% although it is an improvement from the digital proof.
Press Proofs-
Our most expensive proofing method. These proofs offer the best color accuracy compared to all other options and are printed on the same press as the final book using the same plates, ink and paper specified for the job. They are basically a small run of the finished job on press. Due to their cost, press proofs are rarely used. If they are, only a select number of pages are chosen instead of the entire book.