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“Choice” is derived from the Chinese name “Chiu Yu,” meaning “Autumn Rain.” This name was inherited from the name of our founder, Chiu Yu Lin. In the era before the arrival of electronic scanning, the quality of color relied entirely on the human eye. Mr. Lin was a pioneer in Taiwan. He transformed the printing industry into a world of colors and images. Today, his love for the arts and music is still evident in the culture of Choice.
• Original company employees near time of founding

• One of Choice's first lithographic presses
Chiu Yu was born on October 9th, 1922. He loved art and was an aspiring artist ever since he was a little child. Coming from a large family of 7 brothers and 7 sisters, Chiu Yu was the second youngest sibling of his family. His eye for color and ability to flawlessly replicate any color or image on canvas was apparent to everyone who knew him and was a trait that distinguished him from everyone else in his family. During his youth, Chiu Yu enjoyed spending much of his leisure time drawing and designing labels for friends who needed his help. But due to the unstable economic and political situation in Taiwan back in the early 1940s, Chiu Yu was pressured by his father to seek an alternate means of a career. Taking his personal artistic aspirations and father’s advice into consideration, Chiu Yu decided to focus his energy on mastering the art of print plate-making as an avenue which he believed would fulfill both his own dreams as well as his father’s.

In 1946, at the age of 25, Chiu Yu bought his first hand-operated lithographic press and installed it inside his rented apartment off Da Qiang alley in the city of Tainan. At the time, these presses ran at an average speed of one sheet per minute. Business was not exactly easy so it is no surprise that Chiu Yu carried out his first projects printing soy sauce and medicine labels for the very same friends that he once drew for when he was younger. This was the beginning of Choice Printing’s legacy. Opening its door with just three employees, one of whom was his wife, Chiu Yu quickly gained a reputation around the city as an honest and reliable business man / artist, whose ability to replicate colors and images on press was unparalleled. During those first few years, Chiu Yu made many personal trips to Japan to study and enhance his knowledge of color separation and plate-making technology. This quest to constantly reform and develop new avenues of printing technology revolutionized the printing industry of Taiwan and fueled the company’s rapid expansion through the years.

• A series of products printed by Choice dating
back to the 1940s.

Today, Choice has transformed from what was once literally a small shop by the street into an international enterprise, with offices and factories located all over Taiwan, China, and the United States. After more than half a century of continuously being on the forefront of print technology, Choice has grown into the largest printing company in Taiwan. Choice is also the largest wholly-owned foreign printer in China and one of the only WOFE (Wholly-owned foreign enterprise) printers with a license to print books in the country. The company itself is renowned for its long-standing presence throughout Taiwan’s history, its impeccable dedication to integrity, and its commitment to quality. Over the years, Choice has actively participated in the rapid advances of the printing industry and the development of new technologies, from yesterday’s stone-setting printing to today’s digitalized printing; evolving from less than a hundred sheets per hour in the older lithographic presses to close to a hundred thousand sheets per hour in today’s double-story commercial web presses. At Choice, we set the highest expectations for ourselves because we understand that every project, no matter how large or small, is important to our customers. Being able to constantly provide the best of what today has to offer remains a key ingredient to our success for the past 60 years.