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Why print overseas? Because you get better quality at only a fraction of the price. Due to the lower cost of labor and raw materials, our printing cost is about 50% lower than the cost of printing in the US and Europe. After factoring in shipping, our customers still realize at least a 20-30% savings. Our books are printed on some of the most advanced Heidelberg presses from Germany, using the highest quality soy-based Toyo inks from Japan and eco-friendly papers from FSC certified manufacturers.
Myth: I won't really save that much. How much can I really save?
Fact: We can almost guarantee that you will see at least a 15% savings on your printing costs. With standard products, most of our international clients realize a 20% to 30% savings in their printing costs. However, with labor intensive products such as marketing folders inserted with sales sheets and brochures requiring manual collation, our clients often yield up to a 50% savings.
Myth: The turnaround time is too long. It will take months to receive my order.
Fact: Typically, Choice estimates a delivery period of 15 business days from ex factory to delivery in the Los Angeles area via Ocean Freight. Our state-of-the- art printing plants are in operation 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year so we can produce even the largest orders quickly and efficiently. Our close relationships with major international ocean shipping companies also ensure that you get the fastest service with the least hassle. We will also customize the methods of delivery to meet your overall needs. If you need some of your order quickly, we can arrange for partial shipments by Air Freight arriving in about 1 week so you can have the opportunity receive some of your finished product ahead of the rest of the shipment.
Myth: Since you are in Asia, for all I know, you guys could be a fly-by-night operation. How do I know who I am dealing with?
Fact: Choice Company has been in the printing business for over 60 years and is a publicly traded company. We are Taiwan's largest publicly traded commercial publications printer and one of the largest in mainland China.
Myth: Communication with a foreign printer will be difficult.
Fact: Choice Company has representatives based in the United States who will service your account and take care of all your needs. Additionally, you will also be supported by our Taiwan and China based international sales division which is comprised of native-English speakers who were raised and educated in the United States. This will provide you with support 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Someone will always be available to service any of your needs.
Myth: Foreign printers produce lower quality products.
Fact: Choice Company is ISO-certified, which means that we abide by all internationally recognized standards of production control, management, and safety regulations necessary to ensure the quality of all our products. Choice Company not only exceeds all American and European production standards, we believe that we produce some of the best quality printed products in the world. We have the ability to produce the best quality because we have the best equipment and the best people to operate the equipment. We have invested aggressively in state-of-the-art pre-press,printing and post-press equipment. However, having the best equipment is only half of the equation. Choice employs skilled printing professionals who are highly trained and have years of experience in the printing industry to operate the equipment. Combining these two factors together, we believe that we produce among the best quality printing in the world. Our international clientele will testify that the quality that they receive from us is better than the quality they receive from American and European based printers.