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Taking care of all your worries and more
Our ultimate goal is to make your partnership with Choice Company operate as smoothly as if you had your job printed right next door. We make it our job to foresee problems and solve them before they occur, and we continually seek to improve our processes and to make sure that you do the least amount of work possible while receiving the best results.
You may be worried about how you can still receive a high quality job without a press check. Rest assured, our proofs allow you to see and verify exactly how your final printed job will look. We provide a variety of different proofing methods that have truer color fidelity than most U.S and European printers.

Choice Company continually invests its resources in advancing its proofing technologies because we are aware of the heightened importance of proofs when it comes to overseas printing. However, if you still feel the need to do an actual press check, we can arrange that as well.

Maximum Productivity
Sometimes unexpected problems can occur. These need to be dealt with immediately in order to prevent any setbacks. We account for this by employing a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, around the clock workforce, so we can guarantee that someone is there to handle your job at any given hour.
Hassle-Free Shipping
Handling all the documents and necessary paperwork to get your job shipped to you could be a major hassle. We take care of this entire process for you. We do everything, from finding the safest and most efficient method of transportation to completing all the paperwork and getting your product to your door on time. All you have to do is choose where and how you like your job delivered.
Simplified Communication
Aside from the Pacific Ocean, language is one of the greatest barriers in communication, preventing access between local publishers and Asian printers. Our 60 years of experience within the Asian printing industry, backed by a native-English speaking International Sales force that is well familiarized with U.S. and European printing standards, provides you with the best of both worlds, and eliminates your need to go through another middleman. You deal directly with us, and only us.