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Highly Skilled Workforce
Choice operates as a family unit. Many of our pressmen have been with us for over 20 to 40 years. Our reputation in Asia as a quality printer allow us to attract some of the most experienced and highly trained printing technicians to print your job.
Sustainable development has been gaining increasing awareness among large and small companies as they strive to contribute to the conservation of natural resources in face of global climate change. Choice only uses soy-based inks. We are FSC certified and have access to recycled stocks made from sustainable forests. Copies of our product certifications are available upon request.

What does it mean to be FSC certified? Under FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, forestry companies are independently audited to meet the FSC’s strict forest management standards. Beyond the forest, all producers along the supply chain, like us as a printer, must be chain of custody certified. At every stage of manufacturing or distribution, the fiber going into a product is tracked and identified. The FSC system not only makes certain that virgin fiber used in a product is from a sustainable source, but it ensures that claims regarding the recycled content of products are verifiable. In an unbroken chain of commitment from forest to consumer, the FSC label carries the promise that a product comes from a forest friendly source. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about FSC is that environmental groups the world over agree that when it comes to responsible forestry FSC is the only credible assurance for consumers. By being FSC certified, Choice makes a promise to its customers that every book we produce adheres to the strictest environmental standards through every step of its production.
Quality Assurance
We do not shoot for one time projects. We build long lasting partnerships with our customers by delivering an exceptional level of quality and service on each job. Choice is ISO 9002 certified and has received numerous printing and publication awards in the area of printed books, magazines, and other periodicals. Among many other awards, Choice is a consecutive gold medal winner of the Executive Yuan Printing Award and Taiwan’s Golden Publications Award. International National Geographic Society also awarded us with the best print quality of its 25 global editions. See Awards & Accreditations We have an ever growing list of international clientele who can vouch for our standards in price, quality, and service.
Minimal Outsourcing
Many printers farm out their products. We like to keep everything in-house so that we can closely monitor and control the quality of our books as they moves through each step of production.
  “Choice is our partner in Taiwan, where they publish National Geographic magazine as well as NGS books and other products. They also print the Taiwan edition in their Taipei plant. The NGM staff recently gave Choice Printing first prize for having printed the best quality NGM edition of any of our 25 global editions. Choice Printing is the largest printer in Taiwan and is rapidly growing their operation on the Chinese mainland through their modern plant in Shanghai.”
  - International National Geographic