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Overseas Factory Direct
Overseas factory direct guarantees savings of up to 50%. This is made possible by the automation of our factories and the lower overall cost of labor and raw materials in Asia. But because of language and cultural barries, most Chinese printers can't and don't deal directly with international clients. Choice Company is one of the few Chinese printers with an international sales force that is capable of dealing with you directly. By eliminating your need to go through another intermediary, we push the price benefits of overseas factory direct to its full potential.
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Full Service In-House Solution
From the first step of your production process to the last, our in-house prepress, printing, and binding capabilities allow us to minimize overhead and guarantee our customers the lowest cost possible.
Excellent Connections with Suppliers
Relationships play an especially important role in Asia’s business culture. Choice has invested over 70 years in expanding and developing its network in Asia. In a fickle market, one of the greatest challenges that foreign or new printers face is developing close relationships with local suppliers. Unlike many of our competitors, we have worked side by side with our suppliers for many decades as both partners and friends in business. This gives us access to some of the most exclusive rates across the industry. On top of that, our combined purchases from our multiple factories, allow us to enjoy added bargaining power with suppliers, which mean lower prices for you.